The committee met, last night and we tossed around several very good ideas. We are going to design a logo, this will make us standout, when we do fairs etc. We are also going to get a stand banner, with this on it.

We have come up with a slogan, that makes people realise that the group isn't just about Bankstown. This was something that Jenni and I found a problem, at the Botany Bay Fair. We weren't interested because that think we just dig for old Bankstown families.

Teresa is going to update the Events page, check it out.

We also discussed that for a meeting/workshop, where we have a guest speaker, that we charge a nominal fee, for guests. Most societies have one fee for members and a dearer one for guests. What do you think?  We would still have the door prize.

We discussed our fees and they will remain at $50 for a single and $75 for a family, this is so we can met our ongoing expenses. Fees are due by 1 July 2015. You can pay by cash, cheque, made out to Bankstown Family History Group or by direct deposit. Please email for those details.  Don't forget to update any changes to your contact details.

We have been asked to take part in the Royal Australian Historical Society's annual conference/fair in October. This is being held at the Bankstown Sports Club on the 23 - 25 October. I have asked that we have a table and that has been agreed upon. More details as they come.

I can't think of anything else.
Bye for now,

P.S. Allan Murrin is presenting a workshop on Family Search at Tuesday's meeting. Bring your laptop/tablet.

As I write there are many discussions happening. We had a work shop on TROVE and there have been some interesting discoveries. A murder-suicide was the most interesting. Our Visitor, Shirley and member, Kay discovered that they were related and had exchanged information, years ago.
 We had John join the group, welcome.

Here are some photos of the evening.

Yes, today we are 1 and last night we celebrated!

We started the night in the Local Studies room, of the library and we were able to spend time browsing the resources and searching for information. The room has so much from old maps of the area, BDM's of several states, Windsor Church records, (no luck there for me) and much, much more. I know I need to spend days there, with my research.  One of the resources they do have is the Sydney Morning Herald, from the start to I think last year. Useful as TROVE only goes to 1954. Keep that in mind if you need information.

                                                This is just one end of the room.

                                           Members looking at family history resources.

                                          Using the computers. Now where is Aunt Maud?

We had to leave the room by 7.45pm, as the library closes at 8.00pm, so we adjourned to the café, where we celebrated our birthday.

I had the honour of blowing the candle out and cutting the cake. Thank you Ingrid for the number one.

We followed this with show-n-tell, something we enjoy as unique items are shown.
Elaine had a small coin holder, complete with sixpences and farthings!

Wendy has a very special item to show us. Her grandfather's bugle from World War 1. Granddad and the bugle both it home.

It is really beautiful and if only it could talk, what stories it must hold.

A highlight of the night was a 'tune' on the bugle from Margaret.

A wonderful evening to celebrate a fantastic year.

Thank you all for your support.
Bye for now,

What is a Webinar I hear you say? Well a webinar is a (sem)inar done on the web, webinar, simple.

This one was run by the Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) and it was on land research- the Parish Map. Carol Liston, Associate Professor, University Western Sydney.

Carol gave a very informative presentation on Parish maps, giving an overview of how they came into being, what to look for on them and how to follow the numbers trail, (those written on the map). She also recommended looking at ALL editions of the map, so you can see the changes that happened. One thing to take note of, is that only the name of the ORIGINAL purchaser is on all of the maps, for other you need the numbers. The only names that changed where Crown land was leased.  You need both the Parish and County name to find a map and for that Carole used the Geographical Names Board web site.  select Search Place Names and follow the instructions. There is a Fact Sheet that is useful.

Once you have the county name, you then switch to web site
this site is where you locate the maps. Go to the little box marked HLRV and that will take you into the  correct area. I haven't looked at the site for a while and can't remember if there is a fact sheet. Have a play and see what you find.

Remember that some Parish Names where used more than once, so check that you have the correct County. Make a list of the different ones, if you aren't sure and check them all.

Happy searching,

Well that was interesting…

I was interviewed by Chris, of the Today Show, for Find My Past.

It all started with a request on Facebook and it has gone on from there. I was contacted by James, from the PR firm, to see if I was still interested and he organised an interview with Rebecca from the Sunday Telegraph. While the interview was done, politics got in the way of it being published.

Last week James rang and asked if I would be happy doing a TV interview, as the Today show had read/seen my interview and wanted to talk to me. More emails and phone calls and it was set.

Never having done this before I had no idea what to expect!

One van, one cameraman, one sound recorder, James and Chris, spent nearly 2 hours with me and it was fun, nerve racking but fun.

They moved furniture, set up chairs, lights and the camera. While they were doing that Chris and I chatted and were miked up, then it was all systems go. I was seated, facing Chris and on camera the whole time, while he asked a variety of questions. It must have been about 15 to 20 minutes of questions. Then Chris faced the camera and ‘asked’ me the questions, so they could get his face.

Out to my study, no wait, walk in when we say so, stop, wait okay, sit down and look at the screen. Looking for information, with a camera over your shoulder is very interesting. I thought the sound was off and then Chris asks if we could have sound on this bit, only to be told it was being recorded, the whole time. I can hear some editing being done on that. They then did a shot of my hands, just typing anything, interesting. If that bit gets shown, see if you can work out what I typed!

They had me going through my filing cabinet looking for stuff, browsing through my magazine collection, mindful not to show the ad for  Ancestry! We then adjourned to the lounge room, where Chris and I sat and looked at old photos. That’s a wrap!

I don’t know when it will be shown, they will let me know and they have promised copies on the internet link as well.