Well it is June and our meeting is next week. John Graham from the Ryerson Index is speaking.

At this meeting we will be accepting nominations fro committee positions, especially Treasurer/Membership, Library and Ordinary Member. These positions aren't very taxing and we only meet, as a committee three or four times a year, at the Sports Club. Please consider standing and let us know on Tuesday. The only thing is, you MUST be a financial member of the group. This brings me to the reminder that fees are due by 31 June, before our AGM in July. See Teresa about them.

Craig Whiting, our current ordinary member is reviewing our constitution, in light of changes Fair Trading has made. We might be looking at either a new constitution, making change to ours or accepting theirs.

These are our up-coming meeting topics.

June 6 - Ryerson Index.

July 4 - AGM and Craig will speak on computer storage for photos etc.

August 1 - Rowan is bring us part two of Getting Organised, how to on the computer and Teresa will present  a hands on workshop, re how to access our library.

September 5 - Lorraine Turtle is speaking about Earning a Crust; Employment records in NSW Archives. This is also  Bring a Friend Night.

October 3 - Peter Plowman will talk on 20th century immigration to Australia and he will have some books to sell.

November 7 - Wendy and Terry Nunan will talk on Thinking Outside the Square. Different ways to find those missing ancestors.

December 5 - is a hands on workshop, Using Free Websites. This is to get you inspired for the Christmas break.

For both August and December you will need a laptop or tablet.

We are also thing about a BBQ, as a ay of getting together, outside of the meeting night. Thinking about East Hills Park but are still working on a date.

Bye for now,