May! Where did April go?

Our little group is getting smaller and smaller and this is causing us to worry. We are fortunate that the Bankstown Sports Club continues to support us with the room and use of the AV BUT we still have bills that need to be met.

We had hoped that we would be able to drop the fees  but as the number of financial members is small this can't happen. We still have to pay insurance and memberships to supporting bodies. I am very open to ideas as to how we can increase and keep our membership.


Our April meeting saw Jeff Madson give an interesting talk on how we can use maps in our research. For those who haven't looked at this, go to

SIX Maps

Parish and historical maps - Land and Property Information

Both of these give you access to a variety of maps. I have also found that the City of Sydney website, it has a wonderful section under the Learn tab, Explore our Collection. I have found some really old maps of Sydney.
Our May meeting was our 3rd Birthday and cupcakes were enjoyed by all.
Karen Rogers fro the Guild of One-Name Studies, GOONS, gave a wonderful talk on Surnames and how they came about and how they spread. She also made a good point that listen to how a person says the name, because back when our ancestors arrived they might have been illiterate and have a broad accent. When they said the surname, the person, who wrote it down, might have written it how it sounded and because the person couldn't read, to correct it, the surname changed.
I have two One-Name studies on the drawing board. One for Abberton and one for Chasmar. Both require work.
Our June meeting will have John Graham present a talk on the Ryerson Index.
Don't know about the Ryerson Index, have a look.
That's all for this month,