Some Updates

Morning, It is very wet here, in Bankstown having rained all night. Staying in and updating things.

Our meetings have been organised for every month, except December.

 July 4   Is our AGM and this night we won't have a speaker as there is a lot to discuss. But please bring show and tell.

August 1.  Rowan will present Part 2 of Getting Organised.

September 5.  Lorraine Turtle is going to talk on Earning a Crust, Employment Records.

October 3. Peter Plowman is talking on Migration to Australia. Mostly 20th Century.

November 3. Wendy & Terry Nunan are going to talk about, Thinking outside the square- research hints for overcoming dead ends.  This is good close to the holidays, will get you enthused for searching.

December 5. TBA.  Ideas welcome.


I've made 2017 the year that I publish some of my family history. I'll keep you posted.

Bye for now,