Our March Meeting

We had a small but enthusiastic group attend, on Tuesday.


I gave a presentation on Getting Organised. It dealt with the problem of paper documents, photos, back-ups and what you can do, with them. Ideas were discussed and information shared. Part Two of this topic will be in August, when Rowan gives the computer side. I did show how I keep my saved links organised but I'm looking forward to hearing his talk.

Next month we are looking at  Obscure Place Names and Parish Maps, with Jeff Madson. I have heard Jeff speak before and he is very knowledgeable. I hope to be able to find some of my 'missing' places after this.

Easter is coming up and it is a wonderful opportunity, when with family to both take photos and to talk to the older generation or even get the grandchildren to interview you. Let them set the questions and see what happens.

This month I started writing the family story of my mother's maternal side. It is going slowly as I keep finding more things to triple check and then I get side-tracked. I'll keep you posted each month or you can go to my other blog, Lilian's Tree.

Bye for now,